author={Fred W. Glover},
  journal={Management Science},
  • F. Glover
  • Published 1 December 1975
  • Mathematics
  • Management Science
A variety of combinatorial problems (e.g., in capital budgeting, scheduling, allocation) can be expressed as a linear integer programming problem. However, the standard devices for doing this often produce an inordinate number of variables and constraints, putting the problem beyond the practical reach of available integer programming methods. This paper presents new formulation techniques for capturing the essential nonlinearities of the problem of interest, while producing a significantly… 

A level set approach to integer nonlinear optimization

Integer nonlinear optimization programs form a class of very hard problems. Often it is much easier to solve the continuous relaxation. Therefore we are interested in this thesis in identifying

Mixed Integer Linear Programming Formulation Techniques

This survey reviews advanced MIP formulation techniques that result in stronger and/or smaller formulations for a wide class of problems.

Non-convex mixed-integer nonlinear programming: A survey

Nonlinear integer programming for various forms of constraints

A theoretical and computational investigation is made of the performance of a dynamic‐programming‐based algorithm for nonlinear integer problems with various types of constraints. We include linear

Linear and Integer Programming with Sensitivity Analysis Approach

Linear programming is the name of a branch of applied mathematics that deals with solving optimization problems of a particular form. Linear programming problems consist of a linear cost function or

LP formulations for mixed-integer polynomial optimization problems

An approximation scheme for the “AC-OPF” problem on graphs with bounded tree-width is obtained and a more general construction for pure binary optimization problems where individual constraints are available through a membership oracle is described.

Solving Mixed Integer Bilinear Problems Using MILP Formulations

This paper presents the convex hull of the underlying mixed integer linear set and the effectiveness of this reformulation and associated facet-defining inequalities are computationally evaluated on five classes of instances.

An efficient global optimization approach for solving mixed-integer nonlinear programming problems

Mixed-integer nonlinear programming (MINLP) problems involving general constraints and objective functions with continuous and integer variables occur frequently in engineering design, chemical



Technical Note - Converting the 0-1 Polynomial Programming Problem to a 0-1 Linear Program

Rules are given that permit 0-1 polynomial programming problems to be converted to0-1 linear programming problems in a manner that replaces cross-product terms by continuous rather than integer variables, so that the continuous variables automatically receive integer values.

An Extension of Lawler and Bell's Method of Discrete Optimization with Examples from Capital Budgeting

This paper extends Lawler and Bell's method for solving integer linear programs with 0--1 decision variables so that it can be generally applied to integer quadratic programs.

Further Reduction of Zero-One Polynomial Programming Problems to Zero-One linear Programming Problems

This paper gives rules that enable the transformation of a 0-1 polynomial programming problem into a 0-1 linear programming problem to be effected with reduced numbers of constraints. Rules are also

Quadratic Binary Programming with Application to Capital-Budgeting Problems

The algorithm developed to solve the quadratic binary programming problem and hence necessary to generate the efficient set is based on the concept of implicit enumeration recently introduced by Egon Balas for solution of the binary linear programming problem.

Flows in Arborescences

This paper gives efficient methods for solving four specially structured network problems that arise in connection with certain integer programming methods developed by Cook and Cooper, Hillier, and

Linear programming and extensions

This classic book looks at a wealth of examples and develops linear programming methods for their solutions and begins by introducing the basic theory of linear inequalities and describes the powerful simplex method used to solve them.

Integer Programming and Network Flows

Interestingly, integer programming and network flows that you really wait for now is coming. It's significant to wait for the representative and beneficial books to read. Every book that is provided

Media Selection by Decision Programming

An approach for finding an optimal media mix through decision programming, a technique that can take into account discounting, duplication, and availability of the medium, and that will still find an

Un algorithme de programmation quadratique en variables binaires

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