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IMMERSE: Interactive Mentoring for Multimodal Experiences in Realistic Social Encounters

  title={IMMERSE: Interactive Mentoring for Multimodal Experiences in Realistic Social Encounters},
  author={William Ferguson and David E. Diller and Kerry Moffitt and Bruce Roberts and William Coon and Michael Mateas and Daniel G. Shapiro and Andrew Stern and Larry LeBron and Karen Tannenbaum},
Abstract : This final report details the IMMERSE effort under the SSIM program. SSIM is designed to address the challenge of training our warfighters to successfully engage with Others (people who are culturally different from oneself) to accomplish a diverse set of military missions. The SSIM IMMERSE effort involves demonstrating the possibility of conducting that training using an immersive, computer-based training system that embodies a mentored practice environment. As part of this effort… 
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Changeful Tales: Design-Driven Approaches Toward More Expressive Storygames

A number of design and technical solutions to the problem of creating more expressive and dynamic storygames, informed by a practice-based approach to game production are described, and three emerging storygame modes that are still in the process of being defined are described.



Teaching social perspective taking: how educators might learn from the Army

Frequently and accurately discerning others’ thoughts and feelings is associated with multiple valued educational outcomes across an array of settings. Despite its foundational role in social

The Science of Trust: Emotional Attunement for Couples

For the past thirty-five years, John Gottman's research has been internationally recognized for its unprecedented ability to precisely measure interactive processes in couples and to predict the

Conceptualizing Multicultural Perspective Taking Skills

Abstract : U. S. Army leaders are increasingly required to engage in full-spectrum operations that include a multinational or multicultural component. Army leaders must develop cultural understanding

Social Perspective Taking

The current mindset of the Army is that it must be able to win our Nation’s wars while at the same time ready to assist in stability operations (U.S. Department of the Army, 2008). A challenge is

The forest and the trees: An integrated approach to designing adherence interventions

A more careful consideration of the details of the design will open new possibilities for effective adherence intervention systems and create a foundation for innovation that can be both customized to the particular problem and generalizable for other researchers and designers.

Verbal Judo The Gentle Art Of Persuasion

  • Felix Hueber
  • Education
  • 2016
Thank you for downloading verbal judo the gentle art of persuasion. Maybe you have knowledge that, people have look numerous times for their favorite books like this verbal judo the gentle art of

Redirect: The Surprising New Science of Psychological Change

Redirect is a plea for research—a plea to research what we do in the areas of care, prevention and education and to act according to that research. Wilson gives different examples of well-intentioned

The Good Stranger Frame for Police and Military Activities

We sought to understand how some police officers and military personnel are more effective than others at increasing civilian good will following encounters. Such officers can be termed “Good

Strategies of Psychotherapy

This classic volume deals with the strategies of both psychotherapists and clients as they maneuver each other in the process of treatment. How a therapist induces a client to change is described