IMI descriptions of fungi and bacteria no. 1031

  title={IMI descriptions of fungi and bacteria no. 1031},
  author={J. E. M. Mordue and Arumugam Sivanesan and Ben C. S. Sutton and Mark Holderness},
Pycnia not present. Aecia amphigenous, densely clustered on nerves and petioles in small groups, scattered on the leaf lamina or solitary; when clustered often causing distortion and hypertrophy of the host. Aecium cupulate with its base deeply immersed in the host mesophyll, ,Mth a colourless peridium surrounding the goldenyellow spore mass. Peridial cells oblong to polygonal, 14-25 x 12-21/~m, readily separating, their outer smooth walls 3.5 #m thick, inner walls 0.5-1 #m thick, verrueose… CONTINUE READING