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IMBENS: Ensemble Class-imbalanced Learning in Python

  title={IMBENS: Ensemble Class-imbalanced Learning in Python},
  author={Zhining Liu and Zhepei Wei and Erxin Yu and Q. Huang and Kai Guo and Boyang Yu and Zhaonian Cai and Hangting Ye and Wei Cao and Jiang Bian and Pengfei Wei and Jing Jiang and Yi Chang},
imbalanced-ensemble, abbreviated as imbens, is an open-source Python toolbox for quick implementing and deploying ensemble learning algorithms on class-imbalanced data. It provides access to multiple state-of-art ensemble imbalanced learning (EIL) methods, visualizer, and utility functions for dealing with the class imbalance problem. These ensemble methods include resampling-based, e.g., under/over-sampling, and reweighting-based ones, e.g., cost-sensitive learning. Beyond the implementation… 

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