IMAKA-Tate: Secure and efficient privacy preserving for Indoor Positioning applications


IEEE 802 Wireless Indoor Positioning (WIP) techniques (i.e. Received Signal Strengths, Time of Arrival and Angle of arrival) have emerged as prominent solution for various applications in indoor environment. Nevertheless, such positioning techniques introduce tremendous problem in term of security and privacy issues. On the other hand, the enforcement of security mechanism in WIP system is more intricate, as the constrained nature of WIP demands appropriate security method. This paper presents our proposed solution called IMAKA-Tate (Identity protection, Mutual Authentication and Key Agreement using light-weight Tate pairing over super singular curve). This method is tailored to satisfy the security and privacy requirements in WIP system. Indeed, the proposed solution ensures the privacy preserving by protecting the user identity from being reveled by unauthorized. Furthermore, IMAKA-Tate performs mutual authentication and key agreement which enable the protection from various risks and possible attacks in the existing WIP system.

DOI: 10.1080/17445760.2015.1058939

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