ILDS Newsletter No. 27

  title={ILDS Newsletter No. 27},
  author={Lotte Themstrup and Christina Alette Banzhaf and Mette Mogensen and Gregor B. E. Jemec and S Ingen-Housz-Oro and J. M. Amici and B. Roy-Geffroy and Alen Ostoji{\'c} and Reto Crameri and Daniela Degen and Lars E. French and Werner Aberer and Robert R. M{\"u}llegger and E. Domergue Than Trong and Val{\'e}rie Buffard and S{\'e}verine Lafaye and Jean Christophe Moreno and S. Goldszal and Ashrafalsadat Mirkamali and J. L. Plaquet and D. Thuillot and J. P. Meningaud and Pierre Wolkenstein and Olivier Chosidow and Thierry Simonart and Ji-hye Park and Jun Lee and Jae Hyung Lee and Dong-Youn Lee and Eun-Mi Koh and Caterina Longo and Alice Casari and Patrizia Pepe and Elvira Moscarella and Iris Zalaudek and Giuseppe Argenziano and Giovanni Pellacani and Pietro Rubegni and Gabriele Cevenini and N. Nami and Tabet Saida and Massimo Burroni and Roberto Bono and Pietro Quaglino and Paolo Barbini and Clelia Miracco and Andrea Lamberti and Angelo Valerio Marzano and Rim S. Ishak and Antonella Colombo and Francesco Caroli and Carlo Crosti and Rok Kosem and Maru{\vs}a Debeljak and Barbka Repi{\vc} Lampret and Aleksej Kansky and Tadej Battelino and Katarina Trebu{\vs}ak Podkraj{\vs}ek and Enrique Gimeno Carpio and Lluis Puig and Francisco Miguel Camacho Mart{\'i}nez and Angel L{\'o}pez-{\'A}vila and Carmen Garc{\'i}a-Calvo and Sibel Zehra Aydin and Concepci{\'o}n Castillo-Gallego and Zoe Rachel Ash and Helena Marzo-Ortega and Paul F. Emery and Richard J. Wakefield and Miriam Wittmann and Dennis McGonagle and Rosita Saraceno and Sara Faleri and Manuela Ruzzetti and Diego Centonze and Sergio Chimenti and Hitomi Sano and Shigeru Ichioka and Thomas Maier and Ewald Sattler and Markus Braun-Falco and Thomas Ruzicka and Carola Berking and Monica Fimiani and Druck Reinhardt Druck Basel},

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