ILC Reference Design Report: ILC Global Design Effort and World Wide Study

  title={ILC Reference Design Report: ILC Global Design Effort and World Wide Study},
  author={James Brau and Toshihiro Mimashi and Jin-young Jung and Huang Wang and Cai Tu Shi and Jean-Charles Vanel and An He and Jenny Meyer and Klaus Dehmelt and David Burton and Gianluca Traversi and A. M. Magnan and Keisuke Fujii and Jin Chen and Debashree Chakraborty and Eric Delagnes and Henry Reyer Band and Hyung Won Kim and Steve Bricker and Marco Battaglia and John Noonan and Erik Joel Ramberg and Neil Lockyer and James Jones and Didier Imbault and Chin-Hui Chen and Karsten Buesser and Robert Orr and Willem G. J. Langeveld and Sally Carol Seidel and Daniele Sertore and Adam M. Boyarski and Daniele Barbareschi and Jack Crittenden and Youngseok Hwang and Michael Kelley and Wolfgang Waltenberger and Stefano Moretti and Timothy Barklow and Daniela Bortoletto and N. B. Sinev and Stefan Tapprogge and Shenjian Chen and Joanne R. Smith and Ito Watanabe and Esben Bryndt Klinkby and James J. Reidy and Thomas Robert Mueller and Julia A. Parsons and Christian Grefe and Monito Singini and Abdelkader Himmi and Jeff Tice and Kiyotomo Kawagoe and Manish S. Dixit and T.. Greenshaw and Shigeru Kashiwagi and Tatsuya Kume and Satoshi Ohsawa and Robert Kohrs and Michel Luong and Katsumi Nakao and Anatoli M. Frishman and Marcel Vos and Krista Meier and Wilfried Ehrenfeld and Yeol Choi and Masakazu Washio and Arik L{\'e}vy and Ju Yeoun Kim and Antonio de Lira and Lisa Laurent and Dou Wang and Elizabeth Alice Clements and Bogdan Malaescu and Rainer Wanzenberg and Christian Boffo and Ingo Ruehl and Maxine Hronek and Roberval Walsh and Audrey Bellerive and Laura Corner and Sha Bai and Paweł Luźniak and Peter Gladkikh and Christophe Vescovi and John N. Butler and Stewart Boogert and Linda Valerio and Paul Richard Poffenberger and Mayumi Tanaka and Margaret Votava and Stephen Olsen and Caitlin H Daly and Heather E. Logan and Annette Frey and Xinxin Zhang and Akira Enomoto and Yukihiro Kato and H. Roger Neal and Hakutaro Yoda and Stefan Simrock and Kazuyuki Kanaya and Alfred J Finch and Christopher Hawkes and Claude W. Saunders and Renate Heuer and M. Guchait and Frediani Salvatore and John Amann and Alberto Fasso and Ken L. Shepard and J. J. M. Timmermans and Viktor Duginov and Daniela Kaefer and Sudhansu Sekhar Biswal and Tao Wu and Peder Eliasson and Paulo Mora de Freitas and Martin Robert Hoeferkamp and Masaaki Kuriki and Yipeng Sun and Julia Fourletova and Gregor Herten and Philippe Delebecque and John F. Gunion and Tomokazu Okugi and Hillel Steiner and Rachid Sefri and Charles I. Nelson and Morrison Munro and Ray Franklin Cowan and Wojciech Dulinski and Catia Milardi and Charles Kleinwort and Fedor Ignatov and Gang Xu and R. Bruce Cassel and Hai Yi Dong and Marcin Ziolkowski and Hitoshi Inoue and Qing Qin and James L. Olsen and I. E. Agapov and Anatoly Krasnykh and Karol Kolodziej and Andrew White Young and Mi Hou and Lennart Osterman and Peter Buchholz and Khaly Bane and Yee Bob Hsiung and Dieter Proch and G. A. Chelkov and Thomas Rizzo and Ulrich Koetz and Yi Wang and Ronald Poling and Koichi Tsuchiya and Takatoshi Tauchi and Phillippe Piot and Deepa Angal-Kalinin and Hong Kyu Park and Yurie Kamiya and Evgeny M. Syresin and David P. Horvath and Fran c and Antonio Manuel Otero Dieguez and Ulrich Werthenbach and Martin Berndt and Wolfgang Lohmann and Yoshihisa Iwashita and Louis Rinolfi and Chuan Tang and Javier Resta-Lopez and Sarojini Daram and Damon Nygren and Sang Me Nam and A. Sch{\"a}licke and Jorn Dines Hansen and Eileen Torrence and Chien-hwa Wang and Thomas Teubner and Biswarup Mukhopādhyāẏa and Prasant Kumar Behera and Meredith L. Wang and Nobuhiro Uekusa and Stefano De Santis and Wilfrid da Silva and Yi Han Sun and Anirban Kundu and Daniel H. Kim and Z. Drasal and N. Shumeiko and Zongguo Si and P. Bechtle and N. Phinney and Pran N. Pandita and Pansoo Kim and Xinhan Chen and Qing Jing Xu and Tonee Smith and Bobby Banerjee and Xiang Cheng Kong and Peter Dr Schade and J{\o}rgen Beck Hansen and Milena Pandurovi{\'c} and Young K. Kim and Samuel A. Heifets and Dariusz Makowski and A Aryshev and Takashi Watanabe and Rahul P Sinha and Kurt J. Krempetz and Yu Gu and Dong Su and Grojean Christophe and Richard Teuscher and Philippe Luc Yves Gris and Sven Heinemeyer and Marion Anduze and Maurice Kimmitt and Aldo Deandrea and Shozo Anami and Frederic Chandez and Denver Burke and Lars Keller and Victoria Jane Martin and Timothy A. Broome and Christopher Hearty and Kazuhiro Enami and David Christian and Pantaleo Raimondi and Patrick Fischer and Toyoko J. Orimoto and David Jeans and Katerina Ioakeimidi and Patrizia Pierini and D. E. Baynham and Myriam Q. Newman and Jinbao Cao and Lucien Marcus Cremaldi and Bethany List and Zhi Yin Deng and Guang Wei Wang and Guillaume Blanchard and Vito Di Benedetto and Mike Bisset and Yasuhiro Sugimoto and Toshiya Sanami and Renato Turchetta and Caroline Milstene and Carsten Hensel and Tsuyoshi Suwada and Cai-dian Lu and Zhiqing Zhang and Lidia Zhang and Susanna Xella and Douglas Penn Barber and Richard Hermel and Rick Cassell and W.Clay Corvin and Yoshiyuki Morita and Allan Macleod and Jan Z{\'a}le{\vs}{\'a}k and Peter Gregory Tenenbaum and Nigel Baddams and Laci Andricek and Thomas R. Bieler and Junji Hisano and Frank Lenkszus and Jishnu Dwivedi and Giovanni Francesco Tassielli and Sara Alexandra Malton and Noboru Kudoh and V{\'e}ronique Boisvert and Edward Garwin and Helen P. Edwards and Weiguo Li and Yoneharu Takubo and Puneeth D. Kalavase and Kilkon Ko and Michael Neubauer and Mihajlo Mudrini{\'c} and J. A. Carwardine and Paul R. Monasterio and Hirotsugu Yamamoto and Nikolai Solyak and Nicholas Shales and Beate Naroska and Kazuyuki Sakaue and Mitsuhiro Yoshida and J. F. Genat and Dieter Neuffer and John Popielarski and Amit Roy and Yi Liao and Eric Doyle and Mingxing Luo and Sung Ik Moon and Tyler Westcott Rice and John S. Conway and Paul D. Dauncey and Persis S. Drell and Ronen Ingbir and Georgie Boorman and Sophie Henrot-Versill{\'e} and Saurabh D. Rindani and Tariq Aziz and Gerco Onderwater and Natalya Tokareva and Tord Riemann and Jonathon P. Phillips and Michael von Albrecht and William Chickering and Zhi Yu Guo and Vladim{\'i}r Vrba and Johannes Siegrist and Martin Breidenbach and Vipin Bhatnagar and Tan Zhao and Jos'e Repond and Lea Hallermann and Thomas Bergauer and Hua Zhao and Cheng Li and T.. Woolliscroft and Gengyan Li and Michael Peskin and Takao Abe and Millicent Woods and Imma Riu and V{\'a}clav Korbel and Alexander Skrinsky and Tatiana Ilicheva and Ya Ping Liu and Julie Shu Ying Yu and Hiromi Hisamatsu and Glenn P. Scheitrum and Ken-ichi Okumura and Toshimi Suzuki and Satoshi Ishihara and Werner Man-Li Sun and Chuck Bosio and Masahiko Iwasaki and J.Luis Fernandez-Hernando and Kentarou Mawatari and Tetsuo Naito and Chandralekha Mallik and Serguei Bourov and Robert R. Kirby and Didier Uriot and Nita Sinha and Chris Alan Kiesling and Tracy K. Lundin and Kyohei Ikematsu and Adric Hartin and Ross D. Schlueter and Kan Liu and V. Halyo and P. A. Kasley and Jinlong Zhang and Grzegorz Grzelak and Hiroyuki Hagura and Jaroslav Z{\'a}cek and Peter Kvasnicka and Wolfgang Franz Mader and Jeremy Todd Urban and Toshinori Mori and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}rique Badaud and Ken P. Davies and K.. Swientek and Jacob Thomas Ribnik and Rocco Paparella and Takashi Muto and Oleg B. Malyshev and S{\'e}bastien Heini and Vitaliy Fadeyev and Dragan Toprek and Margarete Muhlleitner and Corrado Gatto and Michel Hauschild and John Ferguson and Carsten Niebuhr and Uriel Nauenberg and Alex Valishev and Hongxia Zhang and Alexei Buzulutskov and Nicholas Walker and Ian Shipsey and Aimin Xiao and Michal Postr{\'a}neck{\'y} and Xavier Artru and Steve Marks and M{\'e}lanie Bruchon and Massimo Caccia and Shinhong Kim and Chris Jensen and Marcel Trimpl and Jim L. Lewandowski and Gudrid Moortgat-Pick and Matthew P Warren and Shuodong Chen and Allan Rowe and I. Hinchliffe and Valentin Ivanov and G. Eckerlin and Savo Tomovic and Ed Hathaway Henry Cook and Christine Hu-Guo and Junpei Fujimoto and Jay Theilacker and J. Keung and Toshihisa Sanuki and Alison Birch and Edmond Louis Berger and Bryan Olivier and Thomas Lohse and Frederic Dulucq and Christopher Collard and Erik Devetak and Zhe Geng and Richard A Stanek and Jian Cheng and Emil Huedem and Helle Vogt and Shengqi Li and Aaron Roodman and Takahiro Fusayasu and Marc Besançon and Horst Friedsam and Marco Incagli and Sergei Antipov and M. Louise Kelly and William Oliver and Victoria Blackmore and Dave Hedin and Ofelia Capatina and G. Drake and Keith Sinram and Grigori Shirkov and Eugeni Grauges and T. Casey Garvey and Veljko Radeka and Astrid Muennich and Maria del Carmen Alabau and Ken-ichi Kanazawa and John Jaros and Kyung Sook Kim and Luciano Elementi and Nanda Wattimena and Masayoshi Wake and Fabio Marcellini and Veronica Hedberg and Hanna Weise and Martin Killenberg and Saho Matsumoto and Ruben Carcagno and Lukas Tomasek and Tomoya Nakamura and Kevin T. Flood and Jie Gao and Jacob Stanley and Zhengda Li and Maurice Ball and Kathrin Wichmann and Arnaud Lucotte and Nasuf Sonmez and Guoxing Xia and Nobu Toge and Jose A. R. Cembranos and Larisa I. Malysheva and R. Nayyar and Masaomi Shioden and Richard M. Kriske and Dmitri Bardin and W. Daniluk and Peter Maettig and Tom Bradshaw and Satish C. Joshi and Subhamoy Bhattacharya and Chris Adolphsen and Michele Faucci Giannelli and J. H. Yue and Emanuel Gross and Matt W. Johnson and Chris Nantista and Eugene Bulyak and T. H. Fieguth and Uwe Dipl.-Ing. Renz and Richard Arnowitt and Graham Wallace Wilson and Thomas Himel and Toshio Toyohashi Maruyama and Daniel Schulte and Laura Monaco and David Gascón and Judita Mamuzic and Hitoshi Hano},

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