IL-6-soluble IL-6 receptor complex inhibits the proliferation of dermal fibroblasts.

  title={IL-6-soluble IL-6 receptor complex inhibits the proliferation of dermal fibroblasts.},
  author={Masahiko Mihara and Yoichiro Moriya and Yoshiyuki Ohsugi},
  journal={International journal of immunopharmacology},
  volume={18 1},
A number of investigators has reported that there is increased production of interleukin-6 (IL-6) by fibroblasts and monocytes from the patients with systemic sclerosis (SS). However, the precise role of IL-6 in the pathogenesis of SS remains unclear. On the basis of our previous study showing that the complex of IL-6 and soluble IL-6 receptor (sIL-6R) could induce synovial fibroblast proliferation, we examined whether the IL-6-sL-6R complex could induce the proliferation of normal dermal… CONTINUE READING

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