IL-33 activates B1 cells and exacerbates contact sensitivity.

  title={IL-33 activates B1 cells and exacerbates contact sensitivity.},
  author={Mousa Komai-Koma and Derek S. Gilchrist and Andrew N. J. McKenzie and Carl S Goodyear and D -M. Xu and Foo Yew Eddy Liew},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={186 4},
B1 B cells produce natural IgM and play a critical role in the early defense against bacterial and viral infection. The polyreactive IgM also contributes to the clearance of apoptotic products and plays an important role in autoimmune pathogenesis. However, the mechanism of activation and proliferation of B1 cells remains obscure. In this study, we report that IL-33, a new member of IL-1 family, activates B1 cells, which express the IL-33 receptor α, ST2. IL-33 markedly activated B1 cell… CONTINUE READING
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