IL-2 induces IL-6 production in human monocytes.

  title={IL-2 induces IL-6 production in human monocytes.},
  author={Tiziana Musso and Igor Espinoza-Delgado and Kari Pulkki and Gabriele Luca Gusella and Dan L. Longo and Luigi Varesio},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={148 3},
IL-2 is a potent activator of effector and secretory activities of human monocytes. Since monocytes are an important source of IL-6, we investigated whether IL-2 can induce IL-6 production and whether regulatory circuits can modulate this process. We found that stimulation of monocytes with IL-2 induced expression of IL-6 mRNA and bioactivity in a dose-dependent manner. Production of IL-6 in monocytes can be induced by other cytokines such as IL-1 beta. By using mAb alpha-IL-1 beta we showed… CONTINUE READING
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