IL-2 antibody production in lupus mice.

  title={IL-2 antibody production in lupus mice.},
  author={Shigeaki Ishizaka and Toshihiko Tsujii},
  journal={Cellular immunology},
  volume={118 1},
We show here that antibody responses to IL-2 were detected in NZBWF1 and BXSB mice but not in MRL/lpr mice in vivo and in vitro. Lipopolysaccharide (LPS), in the presence or in the absence of T cells, also induced anti-IL-2 antibody production in NZBWF1 and BXSB mouse spleen cells but not in MRL/lpr spleen cells in vitro. Anti-IL-2 antibody production increased progressively with age. Supernatants (SN) obtained from NZBWF1 B cell cultures were able to elicit anti-IL-2 antibody production in LPS… CONTINUE READING

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