IL-2 Family of Cytokines in T Regulatory Cell Development and Homeostasis

  title={IL-2 Family of Cytokines in T Regulatory Cell Development and Homeostasis},
  author={Thomas R Malek and Aixin Yu and Linjian Zhu and Takaji Matsutani and Dennis Adeegbe and Allison L Bayer},
  journal={Journal of Clinical Immunology},
Interleukin 2 (IL-2) induces an essential signal for T regulatory (Treg) cells. Without a functional IL-2R, only immature CD4+ Foxp3low CD25neg T cells develop, and these cells fail to suppress autoreactive T cells in the periphery. IL-2 functions during Treg cell development by upregulating Foxp3 and CD25 and by increasing the number of thymic Treg cells. Upon exiting the thymus during neonatal life, IL-2 is responsible for rapid amplification of the number of Treg cells in peripheral lymph… CONTINUE READING

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