IL-17F deficiency inhibits small intestinal tumorigenesis in ApcMin/+ mice.

  title={IL-17F deficiency inhibits small intestinal tumorigenesis in ApcMin/+ mice.},
  author={Wook-Jin Chae and Alfred L. M. Bothwell},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={414 1},
IL-17 plays an important role in gut homeostasis. However, the role of IL-17F in intestinal tumorigenesis has not been addressed. Here we demonstrate that ablation of IL-17F significantly inhibits spontaneous intestinal tumorigenesis in the small intestine of Apc(Min/+) mice. IL-17F ablation decreased IL-1β and Cox-2 expression as well as IL-17 receptor C (IL-17RC) expression, which were increased in tumors from Apc(Min/+) mice. Lack of IL-17F did not reverse the splenomegaly but partially… CONTINUE READING

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