IL-17 mediates estrogen-deficient osteoporosis in an Act1-dependent manner.

  title={IL-17 mediates estrogen-deficient osteoporosis in an Act1-dependent manner.},
  author={Carl J Deselm and Yoshifumi Takahata and Julia T. Warren and Jean C Chappel and Taimur Khan and Xiaoxia Li and Caini Liu and Yongwon Choi and Youngmi Faith Kim and Wei Zou and Steven L Teitelbaum},
  journal={Journal of cellular biochemistry},
  volume={113 9},
Estrogen-deficient osteoporosis may be an inflammatory disorder and we therefore asked if IL-17 participates in its pathogenesis. Deletion of the principal IL-17 receptor (IL-17RA) protects mice from ovariectomy (OVX)-induced bone loss. Further supporting a central role of IL-17 in its pathogenesis, OVX-induced osteoporosis is prevented by a blocking antibody targeting the cytokine. IL-17 promotes osteoclastogenesis by stimulating RANK ligand (RANKL) expression by osteoblastic cells, mediated… CONTINUE READING


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