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IIR Digital Filter Design Research and Simulation on MATLAB

  title={IIR Digital Filter Design Research and Simulation on MATLAB},
  author={Zhang Chengliang and Wang Aihong}
Abstract. In modern communication systems, filtering is the most common and extremely important signal processing technology, it is an effective method of interference suppression, and the design of filter has become the core issues of the signal processing. Generally speaking, filter can be divided into analog filter and digital filter. Today, the development of analog filter has been more mature. However, digital filter has many advantages, such as higher stability, higher precision. With the… 

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IIR based digital filter design and performance analysis

Digital filter dispelling the unwanted signals or noise from the required signal and enhances the better performances of the signal by using IIR Butterworth filter is presented.

Design of Biquad Filter in Digital Hearing Aid

  • Silin Chen
  • Computer Science
    2022 IEEE 2nd International Conference on Electronic Technology, Communication and Information (ICETCI)
  • 2022
A method to optimize a hearing-aid system mainly by using biquad filter, which can improve the hearing aid experience to a certain extent according to the result of Matlab simulation and analysis of the system.

Design of costas loop for carrier recovery mechanism of BPSK demodulation

The design of Costas loop for carrier recovery mechanism of BPSK demodulation is presented and the digital design of LPF (low-pass filter), LF (loop filter), VCO (voltage-controlled oscillator), PD (Phase detector) and the multiplier are simulate and integrated in Xilinx.

A low-area based costas loop implementation for BPSK signals

  • SushmaVenkataratnamS. Yellampalli
  • Computer Science
    2017 International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Communication, Computer, and Optimization Techniques (ICEECCOT)
  • 2017
This paper tries to model a Costas Loop based on each of the methods separately and then compares the results obtained from folded filter implementation versus that obtained from unfolded filter implementation.


There are various method of analyzing ECG signals by detection of QRS complex, PR interval, R-R interval and ST segment, which are described in this paper.



A Square-Root Nyquist (M) Filter Design for Digital Communication Systems

A novel method based on a cost function whose minimization leads to designs that can strike a balance between the stopband attenuation, the residual intersymbol interference, robust sensitivity to timing jitter, and/or reduced peak-to-average power ratio (PAR).

A Complexity Reduction Approach for FIR Notch Filter Design

A structure for reducing the complexity of FIR digital notch filter is proposed. The structure is composed of two sub-filters and a delay branch. First, an interpolated single point pass prototype

Design of low-pass filters using defected ground structure

A method to design low-pass filters (LPF) having a defected ground structure (DGS) and broadened transmission-line elements is proposed. The previously presented technique for obtaining a three-stage

IIR Approximation of FIR Filters Via Discrete-Time Vector Fitting

Comparison against existing algorithms confirms that VFz generally exhibits fast convergence and produces highly accurate IIR approximants.

Optimized FIR Filter Design Based on Self-adaptive Genetic Algorithm

The proposed algorithm applying self- Adaptive genetic algorithm to optimized IIR filter design, and adjusting cross probability and mute probability self-adaptively by evaluating premature convergence degree to improve search efficiency of genetic algorithm demonstrates that the proposed algorithm can achieve satisfying capability of filter.

DSP System Design: Complexity Reduced IIR Filter Implementation for Practical Applications

This work implements VHDL Filter Implementation for Polyphase IIR Filters and describes its Fourier Transformations, a very simple and efficient way of approximating the Fourier transform.

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