III–V field effect transistors for future ultra-low power applications

  title={III–V field effect transistors for future ultra-low power applications},
  author={Gilbert Dewey and Benjamin F. Chu-Kung and Roza Kotlyar and Matthew J Metz and Niloy Mukherjee and Marko Radosavljevic},
  journal={2012 Symposium on VLSI Technology (VLSIT)},
This paper summarizes the electrostatics and performance of III-V field effect transistors including thin body planar MOSFETs, 3-D tri-gate MOSFETs, and Tunneling FETs (TFETs). The electrostatics of the III-V devices is shown to improve from thick body planar to thin body planar and then to 3-D tri-gate. Beyond the MOSFET structures, sub-threshold slope (SS) steeper than 60 mV/decade has been demonstrated in III-V TFETs. These III-V devices, especially the 3-D tri-gate MOSFET and TFET, are… CONTINUE READING
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