IIB supergravity revisited

  title={IIB supergravity revisited},
  author={Eric A. Bergshoeff and Mees de Roo and Sven Kerstan and Fabio Riccioni},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
We show in the SU(1,1)-covariant formulation that IIB supergravity allows the introduction of a doublet and a quadruplet of ten-form potentials. The Ramond-Ramond ten-form potential which is associated with the SO(32) type-I superstring is in the quadruplet. Our results are consistent with a recently proposed E11 symmetry underlying string theory. For the reader's convenience we present the full supersymmetry and gauge transformations of all fields both in the manifestly SU(1,1) covariant… 

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