II. An account of some experiments shown before the Royal Society; with an enquiry into the cause of the ascent and suspension of water in capillary tubes.

  title={II. An account of some experiments shown before the Royal Society; with an enquiry into the cause of the ascent and suspension of water in capillary tubes.},
  author={James Jurin},
  journal={Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London},
  pages={739 - 747}
  • J. Jurin
  • History
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London
Some days ago a Method was proposed to me by an ingenious Friend, for making a perpetual Motion, which seem’d so plausible, and indeed so easily demonstrable from an Observation of the late Mr. Hawksbee, said to be grounded upon Experiment, that, tho' I am far from having any Opinion of attempts of this Nature, yet, I consess, I could not see why it should not succeed. 
Meniscus on a shaped fibre: singularities and hodograph formulation
  • M. M. Alimov, K. Kornev
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
  • 2014
The proposed formulation of matched asymptotic expansions allows one to interpret the meniscus problem as a problem of flow of a fictitious non-Newtonian fluid through a porous medium.
Fragmentation versus Cohesion
Capillarity is the familiar manifestation of the cohesion of liquids. Since Laplace (Traité de mécanique céleste, vol. IV, supplément au livre X: Sur l’action capillaire, 1805, pp. 1–65), we know
A universal law for capillary rise in corners
We study the capillary rise of wetting liquids in the corners of different geometries and show that the meniscus rises without limit following the universal law: h(t)/a ≈ (γt/ηa)1/3, where γ and η
On the dynamics of capillary imbibition
The imbibition of wetting liquids in porous media takes place on length scales spanning several orders of magnitude, in phenomena ranging from landslide due to heavy rainfall in geophysics to
Millimeter-Sized Hole Damming.
It is shown that similar flow enabling and restricting operations can be achieved through millimeter scale holes that function according to the amount of hydrostatic pressure applied without any other intervention.
Water rise in a cellulose foam: By capillary or diffusional flow?
Help from a Hindrance: Using Astigmatism in Round Capillaries To Study Contact Angles and Wetting Layers.
How refraction in a capillary can be a help instead of a hindrance to obtain precise and sensitive information on two important interfacial properties: the contact angle of two immiscible fluids and the presence of thin films on the capillary wall is shown.
Capillary Displacement of Viscous Liquids.
Using a combination of experiments and theory, it is shown how the characteristic behavior of the Lucas-Washburn law is modified when the viscosity of the displaced fluid is comparable to or exceeds the wetting fluid.
Capillarity and the rectangular hyperbola
It is generally agreed that making real-world connections in mathematics teaching increases students’ motivation and interest and contributes to meaningful and permanent learning. In this paper we
Surface tension effects in microrobotics.
The work presented in this manuscript finds its origin in the switch from assembly toward microassembly, which turned out to be not just a matter of size, but required a much deeper insight on