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IGCP 580-596 Geophysical and Geochemical Techniques: A Window on the Palaeozoic World Programme with Abstracts

  title={IGCP 580-596 Geophysical and Geochemical Techniques: A Window on the Palaeozoic World Programme with Abstracts},
  author={Matys and Grygar},
Alekseev A.O., Kabanov P.B., Zaitsev T.E., Alekseeva T.V. – Magnetic succeptibility (MS) and XRF characterization of a Viséan – Serpukhovian boundary section in southern Moscow Basin, Russia (Poster) p. 17 Bábek, O., Kalvoda, J., Kumpan, T. and Matys Grygar, T. – Towards better comprehension of magnetic signal in carbonates: lessons from Palaeozoic and Cenozoic sedimentary archives (Oral) p. 19 Bahrami, A., Boncheva, I., Safari, Z., & Yazdi, M. – Middle Devonian environment and pre-Taghanic… Expand

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Mid-Ludfordian coeval carbon isotope, natural gamma ray and magnetic susceptibility excursions in the Mielnik IG-1 borehole (Eastern Poland)—Dustiness as a possible link between global climate and the Silurian carbon isotope record
Abstract The graptolite-bearing upper Silurian succession of the Mielnik IG-1 borehole (eastern Poland) represents a periplatform setting on a neritic carbonate platform located on theExpand
The Late Devonian Frasnian–Famennian (F/F) biotic crisis: Insights from δ13Ccarb, δ13Corg and 87Sr / 86Sr isotopic systematics
A severe biotic crisis occurred during the Late Devonian Frasnian–Famennian (F/F) transition (F367 Myr). Here we present d 13 Ccarb, d 13 Corg and 87 Sr/ 86 Sr isotopic systematics, from identicalExpand
An Outline of the Geology of New Caledonia; from Permian - Mesozoic Southeast Gondwanaland Active Margin to Cenozoic Obduction and Supergene Evolution
The geological evolution of New Caledonia may be divided into three phases. The Gondwanan phase (Permian-Early Cretaceous), is marked by subduction along the SE Gondwaland margin. At that time,Expand
The mid-Ludfordian Lau Event and Carbon Isotope Excursion (Ludlow, Silurian) in southern Laurentia - Preliminary Results
The mid-Ludfordian Lau Event can be recognized in three areas along the southern margin of Silurian Laurentia in association with a major positive carbon isotope excursion (CIE) and an abruptExpand
Large sulphur isotopic perturbations and oceanic changes during the Frasnian–Famennian transition of the Late Devonian
The Frasnian–Famennian transition of the Late Devonian was one of the most critical intervals in the Phanerozoic. Sulphur isotopic pairs of carbonate-associated sulphate and pyrite sulphide fromExpand
Sedimentary environments
Sedimentary Environments and Facies.Edited by H. G. Reading. Pp. 557. (Blackwell Scientific: Oxford, UK, 1978.) Hardback £22.50; paperback £13.
Large sulphur isotopic
  • 2013
Progress in sequence stratigraphy of upper Visean and lower Serpukhovian of southern Moscow Basin, Russia, Newsletter on Carboniferous Stratigraphy
  • 2013
subsurface sediment is reducing, MS is higher than that from surface sediment
  • 2012
Magnetic susceptibility and its relationship with paleoenvironments, diagenesis and remagnetization: examples from the Devonian carbonates of Belgium: Studia Geophysica et Geodaetica
  • Boll. Soc. paleont. Ital
  • 2010