IFPA Meeting 2009 workshops report.

  title={IFPA Meeting 2009 workshops report.},
  author={Gendie E. Lash and Graham J Burton and Lawrence W Chamley and Vicki L Clifton and Miguel Const{\^a}ncia and Ian P. Crocker and Vibeke Dantzer and Gernot Desoye and Sascha Drewlo and Denise G. Hemmings and Stefan Hiendleder and Bill Kalionis and Jeffrey A Keelan and Yoshiki Kudo and R M Lewis and Ursula Manuelpillai and Padma Murthi and David R C Natale and C Pfarrer and Sarah R. Robertson and Richard Saffery and Shigeno Saito and A. N. Sferruzzi-Perri and Luis Sobrevia and Brendan J. Waddell and Claire T. Roberts},
  volume={31 Suppl},
Workshops are an important part of the annual meeting of the International Federation of Placenta Associations (IFPA). At IFPA Meeting 2009 diverse topics were discussed in twelve themed workshops. Topics covered included: immune response to pregnancy; signaling between fetus and placenta; bioactive lipids in placenta; placenta in agricultural species… CONTINUE READING