IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques CFP

  title={IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques CFP},
  journal={IEEE Microwave Magazine},
  • Published 1 December 2020
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Microwave Magazine
Motivation The aim of this Special Issue is to publish technical papers in microwave and millimeter-wave communication and sensor systems. In recent years, we have seen a strong resurgence in such systems due to 5G and satellite communications, automotive radars, precise location services, UaV tracking, imaging radars, STAR (simultaneous transmit and receive systems also known as self-duplex), power amplifiers with digital pre-distortion, antenna tuning with closed loop functions, etc. Also… 

Coherently Enhanced Wireless Power Transfer.

A simple theoretical model describing the concept of coherently enhanced WPT is developed, it is demonstrated with full-wave numerical simulations for the canonical example of a dipole antenna, and experimentally in both near-field and far-field regimes.

A broadband terahertz quarter wave plate based on asymmetric cross slots

In this paper, a transmissive terahertz (THz) quarter wave plate (QWP) has been proposed to realize the linear-to-circular polarization conversion in terahertz range. This quarter wave plate is

Analytical design criteria for realizing ideal standard filters in strongly coupled resonant systems, with application to microwave metasurfaces

As an application, microwave metasurface filters that precisely match standard bandpass or bandstop filters of various types, orders and bandwidths are designed, with focus on the best-performing elliptic filters.

Magnon-photon strong coupling for tunable microwave circulators

We present a generic theoretical framework to describe nonreciprocal microwave circulation in a multimode cavity magnonic system and assess the optimal performance of practical circulator devices. We

Novel Sample Stages for Detecting Magnetic Feedback Due to Superconducting Transition Based on the Mirror Image Method

In traditional detection of the magnetic signal[1–3] in the experiment, complicated electronic devices are usually set up to explore the feedback from the superconducting transition due to the

Mode Structure in Superconducting Metamaterial Transmission-Line Resonators

Superconducting metamaterials are a promising resource for quantum information science. In the context of circuit QED, they provide a means to engineer on-chip, novel dispersion relations and a band

Dual chirped microcomb based parallel ranging at megapixel-line rates

Laser-based ranging (LiDAR) - already ubiquitously used in industrial monitoring, atmospheric dynamics, or geodesy - is a key sensor technology. Coherent laser ranging, in contrast to time-of-flight

An integrated photonic engine for programmable atomic control

This approach combines techniques in free-space optics, holography, and control theory together with a sixteen-channel integrated photonic device to stabilize temporal and cross-channel power deviations and enable precise and uniform control.

Highly sensitive atomic based MW interferometry

This work theoretically study a scheme to develop an atomic based micro-wave (MW) interferometry using the Rydberg states in Rb to replace the conventional electrical circuit in much superior fashion.

Voltage-Tunable Parallel-Plate Capacitors Fabricated on Low-Loss MBE-Grown BST

This paper describes the fabrication and measurement of tunable, lumped-element parallel-plate capacitors (PPC). The devices utilize electric-field tunable BaxSr(1-x) TiO3 (BST) thin films grown by