IEEE 802.11 e contention-based channel access (EDCF) performance evaluation

  title={IEEE 802.11 e contention-based channel access (EDCF) performance evaluation},
  author={Sunghyun Choi and Javier del Prado Pavon and Sai Shankar Nandagopalan and Stefan Mangold},
  journal={IEEE International Conference on Communications, 2003. ICC '03.},
  pages={1151-1156 vol.2}
IEEE 802.11 e medium access control (MAC) is an emerging supplement to the IEEE 802.11 wireless local area network (WLAN) standard to support quality-of-service (QoS). The 802.11e MAC is based on both centrally-controlled and contention-based channel accesses. In this paper, we evaluate the contention-based channel access mechanism, called enhanced distributed coordination function (EDCF), in comparison with the 802.11 legacy MAC. The ECDF provides differentiated channel access to frames with… CONTINUE READING
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