IEC 61850-7-420 data object modeling for Smart control islanding detection


Energy systems are gaining more evolution upon the incoming boom of the distributed energy resources (DERs). In order to sustain an efficient electrical energy systems operation and reduce hazard for the Electrical Utilities personals within such dynamic and adaptable systems structure behavior that handle numerous parameters and variables. A new islanding detection technique is proposed. The proposed approach relies on the electrical grid communication system network upon the IEC 61850-7-420 standard. Electrical grid distributed main management service (DMMS) takes the response to monitor all the electrical connection points (ECP) and the DERs status. Measurements for the electrical grids operation parameters (e.g. frequency, active and reactive power, etc.) are not needed. In addition, successful implementation for the proposed solution upon a design modeling and simulation works for prototype of a micro grid that utilized extensive communication based on IEC 61850 to monitor all the micro grid data objects. The monitoring task facilitates the updating of the micro grid structure and the indiscriminating between the normal electrical grid transient events (DERs out from the grid, instantaneous loads changes, faults etc.) and the actual islanding scenarios that increase the reliability and availability of the electric grids.

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