IDO: a double-edged sword for T(H)1/T(H)2 regulation.

  title={IDO: a double-edged sword for T(H)1/T(H)2 regulation.},
  author={Hui Xu and Guang-xian Zhang and Bogoljub Ciric and Abdolmohamad M. Rostami},
  journal={Immunology letters},
  volume={121 1},
Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) has been well defined as one of the important immunosuppressive properties for T(H)1 cell-mediated immune responses, but its function in T(H)2 dominant system is poorly understood. Recently, an appreciable number of publications suggest that the role of IDO in T(H)2 cell regulation may be different from that of T(H)1 immune responses. Here we review the evidence on the regulatory function of IDO and tryptophan metabolites in T(H)1/T(H)2 differentiation. We… CONTINUE READING

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