ID-Based Interoperation between Digital and Physical Resources in Ubiquitous Environment


The ubiquitous technology - mainly represented by RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and USN (Ubiquitous Sensor Network) technology - has been attracting public attention in various fields of industry in the twenty-first century. In the meantime, people begin to think of real & ultimate ubiquitous services providing the convergent services interconnecting each area of the u-service systems. In order to connect various resources & services in u-environment, ID system is so important in that resources including even creatures and plants will be given IDs and managed by ID-system for incorporations of u-services. In this idea, this paper introduces basic concept and various types of ID-system with some issues for interoperation among ID-systems. Then, main part of this paper proposes the method for enabling interoperation between two different types of ID-systems such as digital resource and physical resource ID-system interms of 'identifiers' and 'ID management system'. New services generated by proposed method in this paper will be a potent catalyst to expand ubiquitous technology, considering that tangible and profitable uservices are still limited.

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