ICKEwiki: requirements and concepts for an enterprise wiki for SMEs

  title={ICKEwiki: requirements and concepts for an enterprise wiki for SMEs},
  author={Stefan Voigt and Frank Fuchs-Kittowski and Detlef H{\"u}ttemann and Michael Klafft and Andreas Gohr},
  booktitle={Int. Sym. Wikis},
Extensive empirical studies of the use of Web 2.0 applications in small and medium-sized enterprises, together with requirements analyses among pilot users, served as the basis to compile requirements for a wiki knowledge and collaboration platform. This experience report discusses the requirements and their implementation in a new wiki engine (ICKEwiki). Initial field experiences with the ICKEwiki implemented among three pilot users are analyzed and potentials for the use and refinement of the… 

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Mulitlinguale Wissensplattform "BIO: logic" für Biomasselogistik auf Basis eines strukturierten Wikis
  • S. Voigt
  • Computer Science, Political Science
    GIL Jahrestagung
  • 2014
Der vorliegende Beitrag beschreibt das Konzept einer multilingualen Wissensplattform „BIO:logic“, das Thema Biomasselogistik, which wird vom Land Sachsen-Anhalt gefordert and with EFRE-Mitteln kofinanziert gewahlt.


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