IBB: Improved K-Resource Aware Backfill Balanced Scheduling for HTCondor

  title={IBB: Improved K-Resource Aware Backfill Balanced Scheduling for HTCondor},
  author={Lindong Liu and Zhongzhi Luan and Haozhan Wang and Depei Qian},
HTCondor, a batch system characterized by its matchmaking mechanism, schedules job in FCFS way, so its performance is not ideal as expected. Backfilling is a technique to address the above problem. Most backfilling algorithms are based on CPU information and have large room for improvements with considering other resource information. The K-resource aware scheduling algorithm Backfill Balanced (BB) selects backfill job which can best balance the usage of all resources and achieve better… CONTINUE READING

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Key Quantitative Results

  • Experiments results show that IBB can provide up to 60 % performance gains in most performance metrics compared with BB.

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