IB-MAC: Improvement of the backoff algorithm for better MAC - TCP protocols interactions in MANET

  title={IB-MAC: Improvement of the backoff algorithm for better MAC - TCP protocols interactions in MANET},
  author={Sofiane Hamrioui and Mustapha Lalam},
  journal={2011 10th International Symposium on Programming and Systems},
In this paper, we will study the interactions between medium access control (MAC) and Transfer Control Protocol (TCP) protocols. These interactions will be done with some of the IETF standardised reactive (AODV, DSR) and proactive (DSDV) routing protocols under varying network conditions such as load and mobility. We will suggest an improvement to these interactions for a better MANET performance. We especially interest to the TCP performance parameters like the sending rate of the TCP packets… CONTINUE READING


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