I. researches in telephony

  title={I. researches in telephony},
  author={Alexander Graham Bell},
  journal={The Bell System Technical Journal},
  • A. Bell
  • Published 1976
  • Physics
  • The Bell System Technical Journal
It has long been known that an electro-magnet gives forth a decided sound when it is suddenly magnetized or demagnetized. When the circuit upon which it is placed is rapidly made and broken, a succession of explosive noises proceeds from the magnet. These sounds produce upon the ear the effect of a musical note, when the current is interrupted a sufficient number of times per second. The discovery of “Galvanic Music,” by Page,<sup>*</sup> in 1837, led inquirers in different parts of the world… 
The EL2 electret transmitter: Analytical modeling, optimization, and design
We describe here the development of an el2 Electret Transmitter that provides desirable attributes for use in hands-free-answer telephony and future electronic and special-purpose sets. The el2 has
Bell and gray: Contrasts in style, politics, and etiquette
In the late 1870's both Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray claimed to be "the inventor" of the telephone. Both held substantial claims to this title. Yet, conventional folk wisdom tells us that
Telecommunications Tutorial ‐ Part 1
Most people would agree with C.L. Bernier who said that ‘Our entire culture is largely in the hands of obsolescent professionals who are forced unwillingly into ever narrower and counterproductive
2D electrostatic modeling of twisted pairs
Purpose This paper aims to model a three-dimensional twisted geometry of a twisted pair studied in an electrostatic approximation using only two-dimensional (2D) finite elements.
De la mesure de l'intelligibilité à l'évaluation de la compréhension de la parole pathologique en situation de communication
Ce travail de recherche repond a un besoin exprime par des medecins et des orthophonistes travaillant aupres de patients souffrant de troubles pathologiques de production de la parole (TPPP). Le
Transmission quality of evolving telephone services
Various aspects of transmission quality in evolving telephone services are reviewed and summarized from the customer's point of view, covering transmission standards, the room environment, and quality measures.