I. Tierexperimentelle untersuchungen über das immunologische verhalten allogener gehörknöchelchen-transplantate

  title={I. Tierexperimentelle untersuchungen {\"u}ber das immunologische verhalten allogener geh{\"o}rkn{\"o}chelchen-transplantate},
  author={Dr. Ernst R. Kastenbauer},
  journal={Archiv f{\"u}r klinische und experimentelle Ohren-, Nasen- und Kehlkopfheilkunde},
In order to establish that there are immunological reactions in the eardrum against homografted ossicles, various transplantations have been performed on the homologous ossicles of rabbits and rats. Postoperative observation of longterm results on rabbits was continued for one year. Transplantation from an inbreeding-rat strain to a colony-inbreeding rat… CONTINUE READING