I want my MTV ! 4 G : Content Distribution Re - defined


Vehicular communication networks have been gaining significant popularity and importance recently, primarily to cater to the emerging services involving road safety and a need for data-on-move. Existing content distribution technologies like VANETs, infrastructure based solution or 3G networks suffer from either cost issues, latency, bandwidth or a combination of them. Moreover, they assume that data can tolerate delays and support only non-realtime content distribution. In this paper, we argue that i) with emergence of new vehicular applications, content delivery will no longer remain a non-realtime operation, and ii) that no current generation wireless communication technology alone is sufficiently powerful to support content distribution for all types of new and emerging vehicular applications. We also discuss possible solutions like i) a hybrid system that makes use of a combination of existing technologies and ii) the next generation 4G system, which presents an attractive solution for vehicular communication, where voice, data and streamed multimedia can be given to users on an “anytime, anywhere” basis.

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