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I välmeningens skugga : En etisk undersökning av Cancerfondens kampanj ”Säg NEJ till cancer!”

  title={I v{\"a}lmeningens skugga : En etisk unders{\"o}kning av Cancerfondens kampanj ”S{\"a}g NEJ till cancer!”},
  author={Martin Broman},
In april 2016, Cancerfonden launched a campaign against the endemic disease cancer. The campaignwas named ”Say NO to cancer!” which purpose was to raise awareness for the preventivemeasures, which if followed correctly could preclude one third of all affected by the disease. Thecampaign met a lot of criticism in media, from both individuals and the media itself. As a result ofthe criticism, the campaign came to an end a week after its launch.The purpose of this essay is to investigate what is… Expand