I-mode pedestal relaxation events in the Alcator C-Mod and ASDEX Upgrade tokamaks

  title={I-mode pedestal relaxation events in the Alcator C-Mod and ASDEX Upgrade tokamaks},
  author={Davide Silvagni and J. L. Terry and W. McCarthy and Alan E. Hubbard and Thomas Eich and Michael Faitsch and L. Gil and Theodore Golfinopoulos and G. G. Grenfell and Michael Griener and Tim Happel and J. W. Hughes and U. Stroth and Eleonora Viezzer and the ASDEX Upgrade team and the Eurofusion MST1 Team},
  journal={Nuclear Fusion},
In some conditions, I-mode plasmas can feature pedestal relaxation events (PREs) that transiently enhance the energy reaching the divertor target plates. To shed light on their appearance, characteristics and energy reaching the divertor targets, a comparative study between two tokamaks — Alcator C-Mod and ASDEX Upgrade — is carried out. It is found that PREs appear only in a subset of I-mode discharges, mainly when the plasma is close to the H-mode transition. Also, a growing oscillating… 

Characterization of pedestal burst instabilities during I-mode to H-mode transition in the EAST tokamak

Quasi-periodic pedestal burst instabilities (PBIs), featuring alternative turbulence suppression and bursts, have been clearly identified by various edge diagnostics during I-mode to H-mode

Edge turbulence measurements in L-mode and I-mode at ASDEX Upgrade

The I-mode confinement regime is promising for future reactor operation due to high energy confinement without high particle confinement. However, the role of edge turbulence in creating I-mode's



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