author={John B. Shoven and Sita Nataraj Slavov},
  journal={Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal},
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AIV Assembly, Integration, Verification AOA Angle of Attack CAD Computer Aided Design CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics GLOW Gross Lift-Off Mass GNC Guidance Navigation and Control IR Infra-Red LEO Low Earth Orbit LFBB Liquid Fly-Back Booster LH2 Liquid Hydrogen LOX Liquid Oxygen MECO Main Engine Cut Off RCS Reaction Control System RLV Reusable Launch Vehicle RP-1 Rocket Propellant (Kerosene) SSO Sun Synchronous Orbit Ti Titanium TPS Thermal Protection System TRL Technology Readiness Level TSTO… 

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Improved Ducted Fan Design for Small Flexible Wing Unmanned Air Vehicle
This paper improves upon the initial design of the UAV and the flight behavior of its initial fan configuration and a new ducted structure is proposed and tested (numerically and experimental) for the electric fan propulsion system.
Aerodynamic Analysis of Inflatable Membrane Aeroshell
With continuous developments of the manned space flight and planetary exploration missions, a new inflatable re-entry aeroshell becomes one of the hot topics of international research. It has the
Fluidic actuators for active flow control on airframe
The objectives of AFC on the airframe is presented and the actuators that are used within the project are discussed and both types of the FAFC actuator concepts are addressed.
Design and Evaluation of Thruster Control Approach for Micro-satellite ALE-2
The evaluation result from the full-software closed-loop simulation demonstrated that the proposed approach was valid for the orbit control of ALE-2 while high attitude control stability could be maintained in the long term.
Dynamic modeling of a fixed-wing VTOL UAV
This paper presents a transition-flight mathematical model of a civil tilt-rotor VTOL unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) TURAC. Forces and moments acting on the UAV body are calculated using Newton's
The Design and Analysis of an Operating Mechanism for Loading Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle Based on ADAMS
Success of rescue process is determined by reliability and safety of rescue device. Virtual prototype technology is introduced into the dynamics simulation and optimization for the design of an
Development of a modular FADEC for small scale turbojet engine
  • K. Beneda
  • Engineering
    2016 IEEE 14th International Symposium on Applied Machine Intelligence and Informatics (SAMI)
  • 2016
Gas turbines are widely spread in the aviation industry to propel both commercial and military aircraft. The stable and efficient operation of these units is an essential question of flight safety;
Development and Validation of a Computational Tool for Fusion Reactors' System Analysis
The multiphysics MIRA approach has been applied to the DEMO 2015 baseline, generated by means of the PROCESS system code, and an optimal overall breeding blanket + TF coil inboard width has been observed with respect to the maximization of the plasma burn time.
A combined finite-element/discrete-particle analysis of a side-vent-channel-based concept for improved blast-survivability of light tactical vehicles
Purpose – The recently proposed concept solution for improving blast-survivability of the light tactical military vehicles is critically assessed using combined finite-element/discrete-particle
Design and dynamic modeling of a rotary wing aircraft with morphing capabilities
The aim of this paper is to introduce a multi-rotorcraft with morphing capabilities. Unlike conventional multi-copters whose body fly in a horizontal configuration, the proposed platform is be able


Discussion of the privatization experience in different sectors, water, electricity, telecommunication, and railways with a special emphasis on India
    • Chance Constrained Linear Programming
      InP (100) quantum dots grown by metal organic vapor-phase epitaxy
      • Appl. Phys. Lett
      Hotel Palo Alto did not close seasonally; its closure was unprecedented. When announcing the closures, Strategic cited "very low demand as well as governmental orders
        A per se rule of discrimination based on a patent holder's business model could act as an undesirable drag on the efficiency and competitiveness of markets for innovation
          Building the Networked Economy • Value Chain and Value Creation: The Notion of Value and Value Creation is Examined in Relation to Value Chains and Business Processes
            Medical readiness transfers to the Military Departments drive the change in Supplies and Materials, AMC Channel Messenger, Equipment Purchases (Non-Fund), Other Costs-Medical Care (OP-32 Line 706
              Proposed Bill to Stop 'Patent Trolls' Supported by Big Tech Companies, INVESTOR'S BUS. DAILY
                Different Kinds of Public Private Partnerships with a special emphasis on the Build Operate and Transfer Model (BOT)
                  Water: A scorecard for India