I Fought the Law: Transgressive Play and The Implied Player

  title={I Fought the Law: Transgressive Play and The Implied Player},
  author={Espen Aarseth},
  booktitle={DiGRA Conference},
This paper is an attempt to understand Game Studies through the contested notion of the “player” both inside and outside “the game object” – that is the object that game users perceive and respond to when they play. Building on Hans-Georg Gadamer’s notion of games as a subject that “masters the players”, the paper will go beyond the traditional split between the social sciences’ real players and the aesthetics/humanities critical author-as-player, and present a theory of the player and player… 
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Gamer: Reframing Subversive Play in Story-Based Games
It is argued that addressing game designs to an implied subversive player intentionally misrepresents the complex processes of meaning making that occur during play, creating an artificial conflict between the player and the designer that is harmful to the development of rich narrative in games.
The game of narrative authority: Subversive wandering and unreliable narration in The Stanley Parable
This article explores how players’ attempts at subversive wandering in The Stanley Parable (2013) render the game’s narration unreliable and thus reveal its comments on the nature of ‘agency’ in
The Player as a Hybrid : Agency in Digital Game Cultures
This article studies the player as a hybrid: a particular compound version of subjectivity that emerges from involvement with the contents, cultures and technologies of games. Drawing from both
Intra-acting bio-object: A posthuman approach to the player‐game relation
How posthuman values and premises can change the approach to video game research, in terms of reframing the relation between game and player as a meaning-making process is explored.
No-one Plays Alone
Three propositions concerning the relationships between fictional setting and designed rule systems within games are explored and the last of which stresses the idea that ‘no-one plays alone’ i.e. that all play entails continuity of its practices over and above variation of those practices.
Untangling Gameplay: An Account of Experience, Activity and Materiality Within Computer Game Play
In this chapter I discuss the notion of gameplay in the context of computer games. While the concept widely used within the discourses of game studies and game design, its definitions are less than
Neoformalist Game Analysis A methodological exploration of single-player game violence
This thesis positions itself within the scholarly debate around videogame violence. However, other than focussing on the effects of game violence which dominates much of this debate, this thesis
Fictional games and utopia: The case of Azad
Abstract:This interdisciplinary article discusses fictional games, focusing on those appearing in works of sf. ‘Fictional games’ are playful activities and ludic artefacts that were conceptualised to
Play as Transgression: An Ethnographic Approach to Queer Game Cultures
This ethnographic work indicates that there are queer uses of game spaces that in significant ways make visible the cultural norms of the ideal player-and play around with-norms and expectations that are shaping what online game communities are, and what they could be.
An Inclusive Perspective on Gameplay: Towards a wide understanding of gameplay in theory and praxis.
In this paper we want to argue for a more inclusive understanding of the notion of gameplay which implies practices that are normally considered non-default, marginal, transgressive, subversive, or


The Implied Reader: Patterns of Communication in Prose Fiction from Bunyan to Beckett
Like no other art form, the novel confronts its readers with circumstances arising from their own environment of social and historical norms and stimulates them to assess and criticize their
The Role of the Reader: Explorations in the Semiotics of Texts
Preface Introduction: The Role of the Reader I. Open 1. The Poetics of the Open Work 2. The Semantics of Metaphor 3. On the Possibility of Generating Aesthetic Messages in an Edenic Language II.
Cybertext: Perspectives on Ergodic Literature
Perspectivas e o que temos, quer se discuta o texto quer se discuta o cibertexto. Dizia Ricoeur que o texto como um todo singular se pode comparar a um objecto, visto de varios lados mas nunca de
Truth and method
Plans And Purposes: How Videogame Goals Shape Player Behaviour. PhD dissertation. IT University of Copenhagen
  • Plans And Purposes: How Videogame Goals Shape Player Behaviour. PhD dissertation. IT University of Copenhagen
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Plans And Purposes: How Videogame Goals Shape Player Behaviour
  • PhD dissertation. IT University of Copenhagen
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