I Feel Better Naked: Communal Naked Activity Increases Body Appreciation by Reducing Social Physique Anxiety

  title={I Feel Better Naked: Communal Naked Activity Increases Body Appreciation by Reducing Social Physique Anxiety},
  author={Keon West},
  journal={The Journal of Sex Research},
  pages={958 - 966}
  • Keon West
  • Published 5 June 2020
  • Psychology
  • The Journal of Sex Research
ABSTRACT Positive body image predicts several measures of happiness, well-being, and sexual functioning. Prior research has suggested a link between communal naked activity and positive body image, but has thus far not clarified either the direction or mechanisms of this relationship. This was the first randomized controlled trial of the effects of nakedness on body image. Two potential explanatory mediators of this effect were also investigated. Fifty-one participants were randomly assigned to… 


Naked and Unashamed: Investigations and Applications of the Effects of Naturist Activities on Body Image, Self-Esteem, and Life Satisfaction
Body image dissatisfaction is a serious, global problem that negatively affects life satisfaction. Several claims have been made about the possible psychological benefits of naturist activities, but
Is the hijab protective? An investigation of body image and related constructs among British Muslim women.
Among women who wore the hijab, hijab use significantly predicted weight discrepancy and body appreciation over and above religiosity, and was associated with more positive body image and lower internalization of media messages about beauty standards.
A nudity-based intervention to improve body image, self-esteem, and life satisfaction
  • Keon West
  • Psychology
    International Journal of Happiness and Development
  • 2020
An individual’s body image has profound implications for their self-esteem and overall life-satisfaction, and is a significant predictor of the onset of eating disorders. Recent research suggested
Appearance Dissatisfaction, Body Appreciation, and Sexual Health in Women Across Adulthood
Results showed that body appreciation was a unique predictor of sexual function, satisfaction, and distress, above and beyond the effect of BMI and appearance dissatisfaction, and increasing body appreciation may be a promising clinical intervention in the treatment of sexual problems in older adult women.