I Brazilian guidelines on myocarditis and pericarditis.

  title={I Brazilian guidelines on myocarditis and pericarditis.},
  author={Marcelo Westerlund Montera and Evandro Tinoco Mesquita and Alexandre Siciliano Colafranceschi and Amarino Carvalho de Oliveira and Arnaldo Rabischoffsky and B{\'a}rbara Maria Ianni and Carlos Eduardo Rochitte and Charles Mady and Claudio Tinoco Mesquita and Clerio Francisco de Azevedo and Edimar Alcides Bocchi and Eduardo Benchimol Saad and Fabiana Goulart Marcondes Braga and F{\'a}bio Fernandes and F{\'e}lix Jos{\'e} Alvarez Ramires and Fernando F Bacal and G{\'i}lson Soares Feitosa and H{\'e}lio Roque Figueira and Jo{\~a}o de Souza and L{\'i}dia Ana Zytynski Moura and Luiz Ant{\^o}nio de Campos and Marcelo Imbroinise Bittencourt and M{\'a}rcia de Melo Barbosa and Maria da Consolaç{\~a}o Moreira and Maria de Lourdes Higuchi and Pedro Vellosa Schwartzmann and Ricardo Mourilhe Rocha and Sabrina Bernardez Pereira and Sandrigo Mangini and S{\'i}lvia Marinho Martins and Solange F{\'a}tima Bordignon and Vitor Agueda Salles},
  journal={Arquivos brasileiros de cardiologia},
  volume={100 4 Suppl 1},
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