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I An Introduction to Digital Image Processing

  title={I An Introduction to Digital Image Processing},
  author={Bill Kapralos},
ELIC 629, Fall 2005 Bill Kapralos ELIC 629, Fall 2005, Bill Kapralos Fall 2005 Image Enhancement in the Spatial Domain: Histograms, Arithmetic/Logic Operators, Basics of Spatial Filtering, Smoothing Spatial Filters Bill Kapralos Monday, October 17 2005 Overview (1): Before We Begin Administrative details Review → some questions to consider Histogram Processing Introduction Examples Arithmetic/Logic Operator Enhancement Image subtraction Image averaging 

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Digital Restoration by Denoising and Binarization of Historical Manuscripts Images
This chapter deals with digital restoration, preservation, and data base storage of historical manuscripts images. It focuses on restoration techniques and binarization methods combined with imageExpand
Local Contrast Segmentation to Binarize Images
  • Marco Block, R. Rojas
  • Computer Science
  • 2009 Third International Conference on Digital Society
  • 2009
A new binarization algorithm for degraded document images is proposed, based on positive and negative pixel energies using the Laplacian of an image, which is able to detecting connected components in connected components. Expand
Implementation of PPM Image Processing and Median Filtering
Reading and Writing PPM images are a difficult task which has been overcome successfully in this experiment and the results shows the smoothened image. Expand
Contrast Enhanced Niblack Binarization of Document Images
A method of document image binarization that performs well on grayscale images with complex backgrounds, maintains good text extraction abilities and retains the graphic features that might be present in the image. Expand
Adaptive degraded document image binarization
The proposed method does not require any parameter tuning by the user and can deal with degradations which occur due to shadows, non-uniform illumination, low contrast, large signal-dependent noise, smear and strain. Expand
Comparative Study and Image Analysis of Local Adaptive Thresholding Techniques
A general locally adaptive thresholding methods using neighborhood processing is presented and shows that local adaptive techniques are more effective in eliminating both uneven lighting disturbance, noise and ghost objects. Expand
Automatic Document Image Binarization using Bayesian Optimization
An automatic document image binarization algorithm to segment the text from heavily degraded document images by using a two band-pass filtering approach for background noise removal, and Bayesian optimization for automatic hyperparameter selection for optimal results. Expand
Adaptive Binarization for Degraded Document Images
A new adaptive approach for degraded-document binarization is described, which uses the dilation and erosion in gray-scale image processing to get a new image in which the shadow levels and noise densities will be greatly reduced. Expand
Adaptive methods for robust document image unterstanding
This work proposes a generic framework for document image understanding systems, usable for practically any document types available in digital form, and introduces the following original methods: a fully automatic detection of color reference targets in digitized material, accurate foreground extraction from color historical documents, font enhancement for hot metal typesetted prints. Expand
Thresholding of badly illuminated document images through photometric correction
Experiments show that the proposed thresholding technique is fast, robust, and efficient for the binarization of badly illuminated document images. Expand


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