I(1)-superfamily conotoxins and prediction of single D-amino acid occurrence.

  title={I(1)-superfamily conotoxins and prediction of single D-amino acid occurrence.},
  author={Olga Buczek and Elsie C. Jimenez and Doju Yoshikami and Julita S Imperial and Maren Watkins and Alex Morrison and Baldomero M Olivera},
  journal={Toxicon : official journal of the International Society on Toxinology},
  volume={51 2},
The considerable diversity of Conus peptides in the I(1)-superfamily provides a rare opportunity to define parameters important for the post-translational l- to d-isomerization of amino acids. This subtlest of post-translational modifications is not readily detectable by most techniques, and it would be a considerable advance if one could predict its potential occurrence purely from gene sequences. We previously described three I(1)-conotoxins, iota-RXIA (formerly designated r11a), r11b and… CONTINUE READING
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