Hysteroscopic treatment of septate uterus with Neodymium-YAG laser.

  title={Hysteroscopic treatment of septate uterus with Neodymium-YAG laser.},
  author={Jung K. Choe and Michael S. Baggish},
  journal={Fertility and sterility},
  volume={57 1},
OBJECTIVE To determine the effectiveness of Neodymium-YAG (Nd-YAG) laser for hysteroscopic transection of the septate uterus to improve pregnancy outcome. DESIGN Patients treated for recurrent pregnancy loss and/or infertility were evaluated for before versus after treatment pregnancy outcomes. SETTING All patients were referred to a University Reproductive Endocrine and Infertility practice from 1986 through 1990. PATIENTS, PARTICIPANTS Nineteen patients underwent hysteroscopic… CONTINUE READING


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