Hypusine is essential for eukaryotic cell proliferation.

  title={Hypusine is essential for eukaryotic cell proliferation.},
  author={Myung Hee Park and Young Lee and Yeonsoo Joe},
  journal={Biological signals},
  volume={6 3},
Hypusine [N epsilon-(4-amino-2-hydroxybutyl)lysine] occurs in all eukaryotes at one residue in a highly conserved protein, the putative eukaryotic translation initiation factor 5A (eIF-5A, old terminology eIF-4D). This unusual amino acid is produced in a unique posttranslational modification reaction that involves the conjugation of the 4-aminobutyl moiety of the polyamine spermidine to the epsilon-amino group of a specific lysine residue of the eIF-5A precursor protein to form the… CONTINUE READING


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