Hypoxic preconditioning: a novel intrinsic cytoprotective strategy.

  title={Hypoxic preconditioning: a novel intrinsic cytoprotective strategy.},
  author={G. W. Lu and Shun Yu and Rao-Hua Li and Xiuyu Cui and Cui-ying Gao},
  journal={Molecular neurobiology},
  volume={31 1-3},
A concept of tissue-cell adaptation to hypoxia (hypoxic preconditioning) is raised and its corresponding animal model is introduced. A significantly strengthened tolerance to hypoxia and a protective effect of the brain extracts from the preconditioned animals are presented. Changes in animals' behavior, neuromorphology, neurophysiology, neurochemistry and molecular neurobiology during preconditioning are described. Energy saving, hypometabolism, and cerebral protection in particular are… CONTINUE READING

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