Hypoxic apnea and gasping.

  title={Hypoxic apnea and gasping.},
  author={Warren G. Guntheroth and Isamu Kawabori},
  journal={The Journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={56 6},
We have tested the hypothesis that severe lypoxia causes apnea, regardless of the arterial CO2 and pH, and that extreme hypoxia causes gasping. Acute experiments with airway occlusion and with low inspired oxygen (FIo2) were performed on anesthetized adult dogs and monkeys. Arterial oxygen saturation was recorded continuously with fiberoptic oximetry, and Pco2 by an electrode catheter. In addition, blood samples were obtained for Po2, Pco2, and pH. Apnea was induced regularly when the Pao2 fell… CONTINUE READING