Hypoxia, red blood cells, and nitrite regulate NO-dependent hypoxic vasodilation.

  title={Hypoxia, red blood cells, and nitrite regulate NO-dependent hypoxic vasodilation.},
  author={Jack L. H. Crawford and T. Scott Isbell and Zhi Huang and Sruti S. Shiva and Balu K. Chacko and Alan N Schechter and Victor M. Darley-Usmar and Jeffrey D Kerby and John D. Jr. Lang and David Kraus and Chien Ho and Mark T Gladwin and Rakesh P Patel},
  volume={107 2},
Local vasodilation in response to hypoxia is a fundamental physiologic response ensuring oxygen delivery to tissues under metabolic stress. Recent studies identify a role for the red blood cell (RBC), with hemoglobin the hypoxic sensor. Herein, we investigate the mechanisms regulating this process and explore the relative roles of adenosine triphosphate, S-nitrosohemoglobin, and nitrite as effectors. We provide evidence that hypoxic RBCs mediate vasodilation by reducing nitrite to nitric oxide… CONTINUE READING
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