Hypovitaminosis D as a risk factor of hip fracture severity

  title={Hypovitaminosis D as a risk factor of hip fracture severity},
  author={M. J. Cubells Larrosa and Ana Almaraz G{\'o}mez and E. Fern{\'a}ndez Casado and Mireia Moreno and Ignacio Islas Vazquez and Crist{\'o}bal Orellana and Eugenio Berlanga and Jordi Ram{\'o}n and Jordi Gratac{\'o}s},
  journal={Osteoporosis International},
In a cross-sectional study including 324 patients older than 65 years admitted to our hospital for osteoporotic hip fracture, we found that those patients with a more severe vitamin D deficiency had more severe osteoporotic hip fractures (Garden grades III–IV and Kyle III–IV). To identify possible differences in baseline characteristics of patients with… CONTINUE READING