Hypotraceable digraphs

  title={Hypotraceable digraphs},
  author={Martin Gr{\"o}tschel and Carsten Thomassen and Yoshiko Wakabayashi},
  journal={Journal of Graph Theory},
A hypotraceable digraph is a digraph D = ( V , E ) which is not traceable, i.e., does not contain a (directed)Hamiltonian path, but for which D v is traceable for all V E V. We prove that a hypotraceable digraph of order n exists iff n r 7 and that for each k r 3 there are infinitely many hypotraceable oriented graphs with a source and a sink and precisely k strong components. We also show that there are strongly connected hypotraceable oriented graphs and that there are hypotraceable digraphs… CONTINUE READING

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