Hypotony caused by scleral buckle erosion in Marfan syndrome.

  title={Hypotony caused by scleral buckle erosion in Marfan syndrome.},
  author={Vincent A. Deramo and Christopher L Haupert and Sharon Fekrat and Eric A. Postel},
  journal={American journal of ophthalmology},
  volume={132 3},
PURPOSE To describe hypotony caused by erosion of the conjunctiva and sclera by a silicone scleral buckle. METHODS Interventional case report. A 33-year-old man with Marfan syndrome presented with hypotony maculopathy and a collapsed globe 17 months after repair of retinal detachment with a silicone sponge and silicone encircling band. RESULTS Examination in the operating room revealed extrusion of the buckle through the conjunctiva and full-thickness scleral erosion. The silicone buckle… CONTINUE READING