Hypotonicity and peptide discharge from a single vesicle.

  title={Hypotonicity and peptide discharge from a single vesicle.},
  author={Jernej Jorga{\vc}evski and Matja{\vz} Stenovec and Marko Kreft and Aleksandar Bajic and Bo{\vs}tjan Rituper and Nina Vardjan and Stanko S. Stojilkovic and Robert Zorec},
  journal={American journal of physiology. Cell physiology},
  volume={295 3},
Neuroendocrine secretory vesicles discharge their cargo in response to a stimulus, but the nature of this event is poorly understood. We studied the release of the pituitary hormone prolactin by hypotonicity, because this hormone also contributes to osmoregulation. In perfused rat lactotrophs, hypotonicity resulted in a transient increase followed by a sustained depression of prolactin release, as monitored by radioimmunoassay. In single cells imaged by confocal microscopy, hypotonicity… CONTINUE READING
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