Hypothesis concerning quark stars

  title={Hypothesis concerning quark stars},
  author={D. Ivanenko and D. Kurdgelaidze},
Analyzing Transverse Momentum Spectra of Pions, Kaons and Protons in p–p, p–A and A–A Collisions via the Blast-Wave Model with Fluctuations
In p–p collisions, the kinetic freeze-out temperature is nearly invariant with the increase of energy, though the transverse flow velocity and proper time increase slightly, in the considered energy range. Expand
Ultrahigh-energy Gamma Rays and Gravitational Waves from Primordial Exotic Stellar Bubbles
Yi-Fu Cai, 2, 3, ∗ Chao Chen, 2, 3, † Qianhang Ding, 5, ‡ and Yi Wang 5, § Department of Astronomy, School of Physical Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui 230026,Expand
A megahertz active pixel sensor for X-ray astronomy
Scientific observations and thereby the gain of knowledge are limited by the available measurement methods and instruments. To improve the accuracy of scientific models, the development of detectorsExpand
Anisotropic strange star with Tolman–Kuchowicz metric under f(R, T) gravity
In the current article, we study anisotropic spherically symmetric strange star under the background of f ( R ,  T ) gravity using the metric potentials of Tolman–Kuchowicz type (Tolman in Phys RevExpand
Brief History of the Search for Critical Structures in Heavy-ion Collisions
The paper briefly presents history, status, and plans of the search for the critical structures - the onset of fireball, the onset of deconfinement, and the deconfinement critical point - in highExpand
Chandrasekhar limit for rotating quark stars
The limiting mass is a significant characteristic for compact exotic stars including quark stars and can be expressed in terms of fundamental constants and the Bag constant. In the present work,Expand
Charged anisotropic compact objects obeying Karmarkar condition
This research develops a well-established analytical solution of the Einstein-Maxwell field equations. We analyze the behavior of a spherically symmetric and static interior driven by a chargedExpand
Compact Star Physics
Evolution of non-stationary pulses in a cold magnetized quark-gluon plasma
It is shown that the generalised nonlinear Schr{o}dinger (NLS) equation can be derived from the Ostrovsky equation for the description of quasi-harmonic wave trains. Expand
Gravitational Waves
We analyze the gravitational waves within the Spinor Theory of Gravity and compare it with the General Relativity proposal. In the case of STG a gravitational wave may occur if the effectiveExpand


A schematic model of baryons and mesons
The bootstrap model for strongly interacting particles described in terms of the broken eightiold way is discussed to determine algebraic properties of the interactions with scattering amplitudes onExpand
Group U(6)⊗U(6) Generated by Current Components
It has been suggested (1-3) that the equal-time commutation rules of the time components of the vector and axial-vector current octets (Fiα and Fiα5, respectively) are the same as if these currentsExpand