Hypothalamic polar spongioblastoma associated with the diencephalic syndrome


A tumor was resected from the third ventricle of a four years and eleven month old girl with the diencephalic syndrome. By light microscopy, it was diagnosed as a polar spongioblastoma. Its ultrastructural study was undertaken and the features were found to be distinctive and previously unreported. The organization of the neoplasm was similar to that of the hypothalamic neuro-endocrine systems: Cellular perivascular arrangement with intra-cytoplasmic microtubules and membrane bound dense-core granules.

DOI: 10.1007/BF00734643

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@article{Chadarevian1984HypothalamicPS, title={Hypothalamic polar spongioblastoma associated with the diencephalic syndrome}, author={J. P. de Chadarevian and Harvey J. Guyda and Robert D. Hollenberg}, journal={Virchows Archiv A}, year={1984}, volume={402}, pages={465-474} }